Equipment Program

L.A. Care has established an equipment program to help providers obtain digitals cameras, which are needed to participate in certain specialty areas of the eConsult program. Digital cameras are provided at no cost to the provider.

The equipment program is designed to help providers get started, continue use of eConsult successfully, and enable practices to learn how to photograph and store-and-forward photos on eConsult. Support and training for the digital camera will be available during participation in the eConsult program timeframe. After that period, the provider will be able to keep the equipment for continued use on the eConsult portal without any further commitments.

All providers and practices wishing to participate in the eConsult equipment program must agree to the terms of the equipment program contract that will be provided upon enrollment in the eConsult Program. 

Purchase of equipment for eConsult was made possible—in part—throught funding from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program/National Telecommunications & Information Administration/Department of Commerce, and matching funds from the National Coalition for Health Integration, the California HealthCare Foundation, UnitedHealthcare and the University of California.